March 2017 – The Misery Mountain Boys @ the Cave


The Misery Mountain Boys

Opener – Charlie Ewing with Bob Blair

Saturday, March 4, 2017 (note date change!)

The Misery Mountain Boys are an acoustic ensemble, playing a variety of eclectic roots music. With strong musicianship, and drawing on a diverse influence from swing, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, reggae, and funk, the groups performance is high-energy and interactive, playful yet unpredictable.


September 2016 – Oscar Lopez Duo @ the Cave

Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez Duo

Opener – Dale Ketcheson

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oscar Lopez’s Latin guitar groove makes him a standout on the world music stage.

Oscar’s infectious rhythms, guitar mastery and improvisational wit will make you marvel and definitely want to get up and dance. Speaking of which, Oscar has shared the stage with dancers from Alberta Ballet and with big bands like The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra with Spirit of the West. A two-time JUNO Award winner and multi-nominee, he continues to surprise and engage. (more…)

November 2016 – Valdy @ The Cave


SOLD OUT! Thank you


Opener – Jolene Draper & the Inquisitive Few

Saturday, November 19, 2016

“Valdy is regarded as one of Canada’s most distinctive and successful minstrels.” – Humber Log

“He’s a master of country, folk, rock and blues, and the catch is that whatever the sound, people know that Valdy is sincere.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Valdy, born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, Canada has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for over 34 years. A man with a thousand friends, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island to Texas to New Zealand, he’s a singer, guitarist and songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.

Remembered for Play Me a Rock and Roll Song, his bitter-sweet memory of finding himself, a relaxed and amiable story-teller, facing a rambunctious audience at the Aldergrove Rock Festival circa 1968, Valdy has sold almost half a million copies of his 13 albums, has two Juno Awards (Folk Singer of the Year and Folk Entertainer of the Year), seven Juno nominations, and four Gold albums to his credit.


January 2017 – Tim Hus Trio @ The Cave

Tim Hus

Tim Hus Trio

Opener – Carter Felker with Skinny Dyck

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Hello friends!

I’m Tim Hus. I was born in the little Kooteney Lake town of Nelson BC, which is a railway town on the Canadian Pacific’s secondary mainline in Southern British Columbia. Since then I’ve been all over the place, mainly here and there, doin’ this an’ that. I saw a lot of highways, walked a lot of miles, shook a lot of hands, heard a lot of stories, laughed at a lot of jokes, ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of beer, saw a lot of pretty girls, stepped in a lot of cowpies, hung my hat on a lot of walls, felt a lot of sunshine, froze in a few snowstorms, heard a lot of songs, and made a lot of friends along the way.


February 2017 – Scott Cook and The Second Chances @ The Cave

Scott Cook and the Second Chances

Scott Cook and the Second Chances

Opener – Burning Bridges featuring Steven Foord and Megan Brown

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Edmonton’s Scott Cook has distilled the stories collected over a decade of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. His fourth release, One More Time Around, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, and its opening track “Pass It Along” won the Folk and Acoustic category in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest, with UK magazine Maverick Country naming him “one of Canada’s most inspiring and imaginative storytellers”.


May 2017 – Back Porch Swing @the Cave

Back Porch Swing

Opener – Ken Sears

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Since 2003 Back Porch Swing has been writing songs
and performing at festivals and clubs across western
Canada. Their hot licks, funny lyrics, smooth
delivery, tight harmonies and ever-changing musical
styles will have you wondering “what don’t they do?”
From square dancing, to western swing, from
bluegrass to folk their “ cowjazz” flavor will leave
you a fan.